CoQ10 (300mg x 90 tablets) - High Absorption CoQ10

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CoQ10 (300mg x 90 tablets) - High Absorption CoQ10

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Pump it up! Get a daily dose of energy to help increase metabolism and lose weight. Our ultra pure and super strength supplement has a potent 300mg of the finest-quality CoQ10.

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High Absorption CoQ10  - 300mg x 90 tablets

High Absorption CoQ10 contains 300mg of pure CoQ10 per tablet along with 5mg of black pepper extract for increased absorption. These are between 3 and 10 times the strength of the high street products and a fraction of the price. 



High absorption CoQ10 is at least 300% stronger than most high street competitors. Each tablet contains 300mg of the purest naturally fermented CoQ10. At 300mg, is it approximately 2-10 times more Co10 than most other CoQ10 supplements. By comparison, most other CoQ10 supplements contain only 30mg, 50mg, 100mg or sometimes 150mg per tablet. On a mg per mg basis, this makes High Absorption CoQ10 excellent value for money. Compare our prices and strength to any other. 

For example: one major online retailer currently offers numerous CoQ10 products with prices range from £14.99 for 30mg x 30 tablets, to £32.55 for 200mg x 30 tablets)



Pureclinica CoQ10 is made in the UK at a cGMP and ISO registered facility using a superior fermentation method, which provides the most effective form of CoQ10 and is what top researchers use when conducting their studies. High absorption CoQ10 contains no soy, no fish oil, and most importantly, no patented ingredients or proprietary blends. It is all natural and healthy. 



High absorption CoQ10 is made with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and black pepper extract to increase the absorption ensuring less of the Co-enzyme-Q10 is wasted. Black pepper is a nutrient shown in studies to help increase the absorption of other nutrients. As we age, our bodies ability to convert the CoQ10 into a form the body can utlize. By adding in the Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Black Pepper Extract, our all natural fermented pure CoQ10 is guaranteed to be flowing through your blood in no time. 


3 months supply in a single bottle

Each bottle contains 90 tablets and will last for 3 months making each bottle particularly good value compared to competitor products.


High Aborption CoQ10 - 300mg tablets:

  1. Contains very high strength 300mg of pure Japanese CoQ10  - commonly sold in only 30mg to 100mg strength tablets 
  2. 200% to 1000% more CoQ10 per tablet than others
  3. Made with only the purest naturally fermented CoQ10 in a cGMP and ISO accredited facility in the UK. 
  4. Each bottle contains 90 tablets which lasts for 3 months
  5. Contains no soy or fish oil
  6. Made in the UK for guaranteed highest standard product. 
  7. Also contains additional ingredients (Black pepper extract, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E) for increased absorption


DISCLAIMER: Please note that individual results may vary. 

*Where written, any mention of the strength of the product is in reference to the quantity of mg per tablet, not the results. Individual results may vary. 



Take 1 tablet daily with a glass of water. For best results take on an empty stomach. Do not exceed stated dose.



Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings Per Container: 90
CoQ10: 300mg
Vitamin C: 150mg
Vitamin E: 15mg
Black pepper extract: 5mg
Other ingredients: Malt dextrin, methylcellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate (as anti-caking agent).



1. What is High Absorption CoQ10?
High Absorption CoQ10 by Pureclinica is a 300mg tablet based food supplement containing ubiquinone

2. What makes High Absorption CoQ10 superior to other dietary supplements?
High Absorption CoQ10 has a high-strength formula that is not found in our competitors products. With 300mg of Co-enzyme Q10, our product is one of the most powerful on the market. In addition High Absorption CoQ10 contains both Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, along with black pepper extract.

3. Exactly what is Black pepper extract and what does it do?
It serves to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. Bioavailability describes how much of a substance enters the bloodstream and reaches the site of action. Black pepper extract is able to manipulate metabolic conversion and assisted absorption, which allows more substances to enter the body in active form and reach the targeted areas. That means that black pepper extract makes sure that the maximum potential of all ingredients in High Absorption CoQ10 are available for use.

4. How much do I take and how often? 

Take 1 tablet of High Absorption CoQ10 once per day.

5. How should High Absorption CoQ10 be taken?
Because High Absorption CoQ10 is fat-soluble, taking it with a meal that contains oil or fat (or with a little bit of peanut butter) will help with its absorption.


  • Wendy ( 1 Reviews )

    Wonderful for Fibromyalgia

    This product is really well priced for what it is. I have been taking it for almost 3 years now, and if I run out for more than a couple of days, I really feel it. Helps with that 'dragging' feeling you get with fibromyalgia.
    Highly recommend this!!

  • Arnoldpoeri ( 1 Reviews )

    Happy camper

    I just stocked up on most of my health supplements ahead of my annual camping trip. Pureclinica had most of what I wanted at low prices and they arrived this morning. I ordered yesterday

  • Martin Simpson ( 1 Reviews )

    a quality brand

    I was taking a different brand a Q10 and I wasn't happy with the product, I thought perhaps this product just didn't work for me so I quit using them. A friend insisted on me trying them again and recommended this brand. I liked the idea of taking 300mg and day, the other brand was one third that amount. After a month I could tell a difference in my over all health, I felt more energised in a morning and would sleep better at night. Oh and the price is very reasonable.

  • MikeBoisp ( 1 Reviews )

    What is you Best Price


    i see you have this listed on also in packs of 6 bottles, do you also offer the same packs of 6 on your website. Please can some one contact me?

    ******* Reply by Pureclinica customer service team member Ben *******
    Yes it is available at a slightly lower price on our website, you can select the "Buying Option" "Pack of 6 bottles" and click add to basket. If you have any problems please feel free to email me at

    Many thanks

  • Bill ( 1 Reviews )

    The big Five O need not be so limiting

    With dread I recently watched as my 40's slipped away and I hit my fifth decade on this planet. The past few years I have noted a slowing down in my body snd mind, much to my dismay. You always think it will never happen to you. The wonderful thing about our time now is this thing called the internet and the access we have to all the knowledge in the world, but what to believe. Well I can tell you that Co enzyme Q10 is all it is cracked up to be. Since I started taking it with glucosamine and 5-htp I've slept better than in years, and my stiffness in a morning has almost gone (not that stiffness!). I recommend anyone getting on a little bit but not willing to give up any part of their life to do their own research and find the supplements that work for you. Big pharma do NOT have you best interests at heart, they just want you money. Stay away from the drugs and try to stay healthy a more natural way.

  • J ( 2 Reviews )

    A necessary supplement if taking Statins.

    I learnt many years ago, by chance, that taking Statins depletes Q10 in the body which is detrimental to the heart, so I decided to use the Q10 supplement, I have taken different brands and strengths over the years, my last strength before these was 200mg which I thought was the strongest then nearly a year ago I found Pureclinica 300mg. I now stick to these they are the best value on the market.
    Not being medically trained I do not know if they are protecting me from issues caused by Statins but at Purclinicas price for the 300mg strength it gives me peace of mind, I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Axel ( 1 Reviews )

    Great amount for the price. Works great although...

    Can't go wrong with this brand and the price for the amount you get is great. It works great although remember there no such thing as a magic pill or supplement. Things take time so give it a while and realise that everyone is different. What works great for one person may not work for you. I've only been taken for a short while though it seems to be helping. But I'm having this while eating right and doing light exercise, which goes a long way. Even if you do only 5 -10 min a day to start with, any activity is better then none, take it from me. I'm a 40 yr old male and I've had cerebral palsy all my life, thus am quite limited to what I can do while working out. Make the most of it.

  • Bobby ( 1 Reviews )

    Works wonders for reducing BP

    Help lowered my BP (Blood Pressure) over several months from an average of 140 / 85 to 120 / 90. Amazing to see such progress from the data I have. It worked for me!!

  • Tony nrg ( 1 Reviews )

    Great value great quality

    Amazing value and quality and these actually work I use 900mg per day being on statins as these lower blood plasma levels and the coq10 boost it to normal levels I really notice a difference when I run out (never again) fatigue aches lack of concentration 5stars

  • Dean ( 1 Reviews )

    Five stars

    strong, big bottle, and cheap, five stars

  • Mr Williams ( 1 Reviews )

    you can feel it working

    CoQ10 is useful in the body for a number of things. As an anti-oxidant it can help prevent damage to the cells caused by going about our daily lives. In turn this can help prevent disease and illness both in the short and long term. It also improves memory function and energy, which in turn improves overall quality of life. The first thing I noticed when I started taking these was an increase in my general energy levels. This is a very good thing as I feel like I can get more done without getting drowsy. I spend a lot of time gardening and this has helped with that.

    The second thing I noticed is that I sleep better at night. This might be because I am more active during the day now. I previously could only ever manage around 4 to 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep where as now I regularly wake after 6 or more hours.

    The third thing I would say about these is that they are the best value. I can say that with some certainty as I did the research. Being on a pension means you have to squeeze every penny unfortunately. At 300mg, one must only need take 1 tablet a day so a bottle lasts 3 months. I purchased a years supply upfront and the expiry date is almost 2 years so they will last provided they are stored correctly.

    I suggest doing your own research to find out if these are right for you. I am not sure if they counteract any medications or not but I asked my doctor before taking these and he was all for it.

  • G JACKSON ( 1 Reviews )



  • Dean Houseman ( 1 Reviews )

    Great value

    I shopped around before stumbling across pureclinica. These are the best value money can buy for when it comes to CoQ10. Delivery was fast and I spoke to Sarah by email about a couple of questions I had, she was very fast to reply. Also left a review on trust pilot. Good company. I will continue to use Pureclinica products

  • Nasim P ( 1 Reviews )

    love the energy

    these have got me feeling 10 years younger, I love them.

  • oscar ( 1 Reviews )

    ok product

    seem to be high quality and good price but took too long to deliver to Australia. Will find a more local supplier in future

  • K Fernandez ( 1 Reviews )

    just what the doctor ordered

    My doctor recommend I take CoQ10. I have a long history of heart trouble, and it runs through my family tree unfortunately so I did not hesitate to act on his orders. And these are just what the doctor ordered!
    I used a few other brands before I found these, and to be honest they were quite the rip off in price. Some where as low as 50mg while others were as high as 200mg. These at 300mg are the strongest yet and I feel much better. I used to suffer from heart palpitations and for anyone going through the same you can understand how worrying that can be. Since taking these along with a couple of other supplements, I can honestly say these have worked really well. My palpitations are down and in fact sitting writing this I can't remember the last time. So that's good.

  • steve00 ( 1 Reviews )

    just what the doctor ordered

    These are the best I've find of C q10. Good price and top product

  • Lilia ( 1 Reviews )

    Very good

    My sleep quality has improved a lot since I started to take this supplement. Price for 300mg is very good in compare with other shops. Delivery options could be improved though and be included for a high value orders.


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